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Unparalleled Expertise in Commercial Contracting

Being Of Service



The cohesive atmosphere at Sundance Builders creates open lines of communication between the owners, employees, and field personnel that enhance the execution of our mission.Our diverse combined experience ensures that no matter what the project we can execute it with the utmost satisfaction. The “developers’ sense” allows us to anticipate true costs and timelines for a project.

It is our mission to provide our clients with Construction Services that take the whole project into perspective. Due to our extensive development background, Sundance looks at the project documents to determine what it would take to complete the project from start to finish. Our problem solving starts in the design / bidding process rather than in the field to eliminate as much cost and time adjustments as possible.


Sundance’s objective is to provide a cohesive and professional team of employees that meet the diverse needs of our clients with integrity and honor. We believe in an open and honest relationship with not only our clients but our subcontractors as well and over the years we have established relationships built on trust.
The term “A man is only as good as his handshake” still holds true at Sundance Builders.

Meet The Team

Meet the owners of Sundance Builders LLC,
Shena Garriss, Eric Garriss, Brena Frank & Doug Dunnigan. 
With over a combined 100 years of experience in the commercial construction industry, they have built a company that is known for its innovative solutions and exceptional customer service.

As owners, they are dedicated to ensuring that every client receives the highest level of care, attention and that every project is completed on time, within budget and to the highest standards.

Learn more about Shena, Eric, Brena & Doug's experiences,  expertise and why they are the driving force behind
Sundance Builders' success.

Shena Garriss, CEO of Sundance Builders, LLC - a trusted commercial general contractor company with expertise in construction

Shena Garriss

Guided by the principle of engaging the spirit for exceptional results, Shena Garriss brings a dynamic and unwavering commitment to Sundance Builders. Her philosophy is simple yet profound: if you commit to something, you follow through; you take ownership of any setbacks, no excuses – fixing it is paramount, regardless of fault; doing it right the first time is our standard, avoiding repetitions; and the cornerstone of growth is learning from every experience. These aren't just words; they're a way of life at Sundance Builders under Shena's leadership.

Shena not only holds herself to these elevated standards but extends them to our valued clients and esteemed subcontractors. She invests considerable effort in ensuring that those we collaborate with embody these principles. Shena recognizes that not every client is "our" client, and not every subcontractor will flourish with us. However, those who share the same level of integrity as she does are not just respected; they are celebrated and embraced at Sundance Builders. Shena Garriss is the catalyst that propels us towards the extraordinary. Through her commitment to integrity and excellence, she has built a community where shared values elevate us to achieve the unimaginable, together.

Chief Executive Officer

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Eric Garriss, COO of Sundance Builders, LLC - a trusted commercial general contractor company with expertise in construction

Eric Garriss

Chief Operations Officer

Eric Garriss brings over 30 years of invaluable experience in the construction industry, joining Sundance Builders in 1999. He has consistently showcased his expertise by successfully managing and executing a diverse array of projects, including metal buildings, concrete tilt-ups, multi-family developments, mid-rise buildings, commercial centers, banks, restaurants & bars, mini-storages, medical facilities, and MM retail/manufacturing plants. Eric's profound understanding of field operations, project management, and development provides Sundance Builders with the depth and experience essential for handling any construction endeavor.


Eric firmly believes in holding spaces that enable us to collectively realize our greater purpose. As he aptly puts it, "if you are working on something that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The Vision pulls you." With this visionary mindset and unwavering passion, Eric not only leads at Sundance Builders but also in every facet of life. His commitment to our shared purpose infuses us with the energy to exceed expectations and create lasting impact.

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Doug Dunnigan, Executive vice president and business development of Sundance Builders, LLC - a trusted commercial general contractor company with expertise in construction

Doug Dunnigan

Doug Dunnigan, a valuable member of the Sundance Builders team for 8 plus years, brings a wealth of expertise with degrees in Construction Management and Business, combined with over 30 years of experience in commercial construction. With an impressive track record, Doug has estimated and managed extensive projects encompassing more than 2 million square feet of commercial spaces, spanning various categories, including Hospitality, Tenant Improvements, Banks, Restaurants, Medical Facilities, Pad Sites, SCIF Rooms, and MM Facilities. Doug's guiding principle reflects his commitment: "a well-managed project comes in on time and budget without sacrificing quality." His dedication is rooted in demonstrating full accountability, fostering a collective drive for continuous improvement.

Executive Vice President /
Business  Development 

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Brena Frank, Office Manager of Sundance Builders, LLC - a trusted commercial general contractor company with expertise in construction
Brena Frank

Office Manager

Brena Frank, an invaluable presence at Sundance Builders since 2001, boasts over 15 years of Management experience. She orchestrates the day-to-day operations, seamlessly aligning office staff, senior management, and field personnel, while also overseeing Project Engineering for our endeavors. With a well-established rapport with local building departments, Brena possesses extensive knowledge in the intricate planning and permitting phases of construction. Her robust background in tracking Revisions, RFI's, QAA's, submittals, and plans ensures a seamless transition from Development to Permitting and Construction. Brena's infectious enthusiasm and unwavering passion for her role are evident, reflecting her core belief: "You must make your first impression a lasting impression because it may be your only impression." Her commitment is centered on nurturing relationships to collectively realize our utmost potential.

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